As a part of the “Wunderbar Together” initiative in the US, the German Design Museum Foundation is working with the Goethe-Institut to offer online workshops that allow educators to “DISCOVER DESIGN – DISCOVER GERMANY!”

The intercultural concept “DISCOVER DESIGN – DISCOVER GERMANY!” is geared especially towards teachers in the areas of German, art, and social studies (middle school and above). A short introductory video and a creative, open-source handout give educators the ability to hold the workshop independently at their schools.


“DISCOVER DESIGN – DISCOVER GERMANY!” exposes students to German culture and invites them to join in intercultural dialog through in-depth discussions of the history and outstanding successes of German design. The accompanying practical component challenges participants to get creative and make their own designs. In a fun way, participants will develop their own model of a lamp in just a short amount of time. The approach used in this goal-oriented design process can be used in future assignments.



– imparting German culture

– encouraging intercultural dialogue

– strengthening artistic-creative and manual skills

– conveying aesthetic basics, understanding and awareness of quality

– developing problem-solving strategies through creative processes

"Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus!"

Trailblazing, trendsetting, visionary modernism – 2019 marked the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus, a legendary art school whose pioneering achievements in the field of design and architecture continue to resonate far beyond the borders of Germany today. In its capacity as a bastion of cultural heritage, and above all by dint of the potential it represents for the future, the Bauhaus has created unique bonds between Germany and the United States and among creative artists, intellectuals and designers.

“Wunderbar together – Germany and the U.S.“ was the motto of the Year of German-Amercian Friendship (“Deutschlandjahr USA”) 2019. The German Design Museum Foundation visited many American schools and museums with its workshop roadshow „DISCOVER DESIGN – DISCOVER BAUHAUS!“.

Our journey of discovery through the world of design began with an event called “100 Jahre Bauhaus” (100 Years of Bauhaus), in which we  shared and expanded our knowledge about our common cultural heritage. Why does the legendary school for architecture, design and art known as the Bauhaus continue to shape today’s society? The amazing extent to which Bauhaus ideas are still fruitful were demonstrated by a practical exercise, in which we designed a product of our own imagining – the ten-minute chair – and presented it as a team. And of course a suitable poster design could be created for each new model: design is communication!


You can read here interviews about the impressions of the roadshow:


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