Wunderbar together: Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus!

Trailblazing, trendsetting, visionary modernism – 2019 will mark the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus, a legendary art school whose pioneering achievements in the field of design and architecture continue to resonate far beyond the borders of Germany today. In its capacity as a bastion of cultural heritage, and above all by dint of the potential it represents for the future, the Bauhaus has created unique bonds between Germany and the United States and among creative artists, intellectuals and designers.

Let us continue to further our development together in accordance with the Year of German-Amercian Friendship (“Deutschlandjahr USA”) Wunderbar together ı Germany and the U.S. We look forward to delighting and inspiring American schools and museums with our workshop roadshow. Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus!

Here is the interview with Dirk von Manteuffel about his impressions of the roadshow in spring 2019:

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Application now open

The Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus! roadshow will be on tour in the United States in March, April, September and October of 2019. American schools and museums are cordially invited to apply (as institutions) to attend a workshop. We will then let you know (as soon as the information becomes available) whether we will be holding a workshop at your school/museum.

  • — workshops are free of charge
  • — materials will be provided
  • — duration: 30 minutes to 4 hours; modular structure; can be planned individually
  • — age of participants: 6-18


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Impressions of our Bauhaus workshops

From Germany to America

The standard-bearers, ideas and design principles of the Bauhaus movement had a formative influence on the development of modern society that still continues today. After the Bauhaus schools in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin closed down, leading Bauhaus figures such as Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe and Lásló Maholy-Nagy emigrated to the United States. In 1937, only four years after the last Bauhaus closed down in Berlin, an institution called the New Bauhaus was founded. It was subsequently re-opened as the Chicago School of Design, and in 1944 it was renamed as the Institute of Design. In 1949 it became part of the new Illinois Institute of Technology – hence its current name IIT Institute of Design. For decades, German and American artists, designers and architects have been interdisciplinary drivers of progress, innovation and inventiveness in, and among, their chosen fields. Today, their revolutionary idea of uniting artists and technical disciplines is practically a given for designers around the world.

Bauhaus reloaded!

Experimentation instead of traditional teaching, in the interest of promoting diversity and daring to venture into new realms: in keeping with the example set by the Bauhaus, the German Design Museum Foundation will be sponsoring hands-on workshops that will be attended by American elementary and secondary school students and by college students who are majoring in design. We will be holding discussions and creating designs as an interdisciplinary team, delving into fundamental issues of modern design, and applying them to the challenges and problems of everyday life. How can the open educational and production processes that characterized the Bauhaus be put to use in the future? Through one’s own creative work, surprising new solutions and answers can be found.


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Workshops for American elementary/secondary schools and museums

In these workshops, which will be tailored to the relevant age groups, intercultural knowledge will be combined with imagination and creativity, and college students who are majoring in design will be available to help and advise the learners. Our journey of discovery through the world of design will begin with an event called “100 Jahre Bauhaus” (100 Years of Bauhaus), in which we will share and expand our knowledge about our common cultural heritage. Why does the legendary school for architecture, design and art known as the Bauhaus continue to shape today’s society? The amazing extent to which Bauhaus ideas are still fruitful will be demonstrated by a practical exercise, in which we will design a product of our own imagining – the ten-minute chair – and present it as a team. And of course a suitable poster design can be created for each new model: design is communication!

More knowledge, more creativity

As has been the case since 2014 at German educational institutions and for cooperative arrangements with foreign partners, during the Year of German-American Friendship 2019 the German Design Museum Foundation will be sponsoring an exciting educational program for children, teenagers and educators. The workshops will strive to deepen the participants’ awareness of the creative process and creativity in general, given that hands-on work awakens the joy of creation and will enable the participants to boldly shape their environment in an increasingly digital world. The Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus! roadshow will be reaching large numbers of elementary and secondary school students in both urban and rural areas. The hands-on concept underlying the workshops is intended to serve as a template that can also be used as a basis for classroom instruction.


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