The German Design Museum Foundation is organised as a lively, interdisciplinary movement which guides the discussion about a new design awareness in order to find joint answers to key questions. How should design be communicated, collected or exhibited? How can we develop new and sustainable ways of funding design?

Providing impetus

Designers and staff from our foundation deliver talks at congresses, conferences and symposia at regular intervals about the areas of focus of our funding programmes. We get involved – for example as member of the Association of German Foundations, the German Museum Association and the Network “Foundations and Education”.

Spread ideas

We publish discussions and specialist articles, such as for the “Design & Bildung” series. The publication "Art in Schools in Baden-Württemberg" demonstrates how creativity has the potential to solve additional design problems.

Our publications

We get involved

We set our agenda when our formation was discussed in 2011. Renowned designers, museum managers, entrepreneurs, gallery owners and collectors accepted the invitation extended by the Rat für Formgebung/German Design Council to discuss ideas and different viewpoints for a future German Design Museum Foundation. The range of opinions has remained wide and varied to the present day.