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The German Design Museum Foundation promotes design as a key component of education and culture, science and industry. Our aim is to raise interdisciplinary design awareness among a wide audience, to stimulate and further develop creativity, to impart knowledge and breathe life into it. Promoting, teaching, collecting, discussing: The work performed by our foundation pursues these goals nationwide by organising workshops, symposia and exhibitions.

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The German Design Museum Foundation

The not-for-profit German Design Museum Foundation promotes and establishes design as an interdisciplinary subject in the consciousness of professional circles and the public at large. With innovative funding projects, we help multipliers and even young people to learn more about aesthetics and to develop their creative potential. The work performed by our foundation in close cooperation with academia and research shapes an interdisciplinary initiative aimed at raising awareness of design.

Discover Design

Our educational and cultural campaign DISCOVER DESIGN is growing, remains willing to embrace change and promotes new trends. Experts, designers, students and teachers and well-known figures from the world of business and politics all work together.

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In the mid-1950s the German Design Council begins documenting the dynamic as well as continuous development of German industrial design. The result is a valuable operational archive for producers, designers, teachers and students. In order to make pioneers of modern product designs both visible and utilizable for the 21st century on a permanent basis, we are currently digitising the collection.

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