So far, we have been able to inspire around 15,000 children, adolescents and educators with our cultural and educational initiative.  The interdisciplinary research journey undertaken by the German Design Museum Foundation is at home anywhere people are enthusiastic about and are involved in design.


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Discover Design

A strong movement, a strong leitmotif: "Discover Design" is our nationwide education and cultural initiative for children and young people. Practical workshop programmes invite people to discover the world of design and to incorporate newly-acquired knowledge into their own designs. There are special further education and advanced training measures available for young adults and teachers. Students, schools and other educational institutions are creating a steadily growing network!

Strong partners: We all pull together! Qualified designers, regional and national companies, public authorities, institutions and other foundations from the whole of Germany are involved. Together, we are raising awareness of the cultural, social and ecological dimensions of design and involve young people from the very outset.

Discover Design - Yesterday. Today. You.

As part of the funded project "Yesterday. Today. You." the German Design Museum Foundation, in cooperation with the PwC Foundation for Youth, Education and Culture, offers workshop weeks to schools in Thuringia.

During the 5 project days knowledge will be conveyed on historical and current developments in design as well as aesthetic and theoretical basics of product design. In the practice-oriented workshops, young people aged 13 to 16 can design their own products for a self-determined future.


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Our workshops

Interdisciplinary workshops raise awareness of design in everyday life and develop creative potential, focusing on the design process. A practical concept creates and intensifies knowledge, inspires people to invent new things and fosters sound judgement and the capacity to act. Under the guidance of renowned designers, each type of school, comparable educational institutions or museums employ an age-appropriate, jointly developed concept ranging from day-long workshops to project weeks and on to programmes of measures lasting several months. Children and young people between the age of 6 and 18 discover the joys of design in an ever more digital, complex world and learn to translate and express this into their own individual designs. Appropriate documentation is collected to round off each workshop.


- Introduction to the topic of design in general
- Description of the design process – from idea to prototype
- Research and analysis
- Design – idea development, drawing, model construction
- Presentation
- Feedback round and evaluation

Module 1

  • 1 day (4-5 hours) 
  • 30 students max.
  • 1 designer
  • 1 teacher

Module 2

  • 2 days (4-5 hours each day) 
  • 30 students max.
  • 1 designer  
  • 1 teacher

Module 3

  • 5 days (project week, course, 4-5 hours each day) 
  • 30 students max.
  • 1 designer 
  • 1 teacher

Module 4

Summer academies or annual programmes subject to individual agreement

Download of the application form for workshops. (German language, PDF)

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Workshops on industrial, product and communication design

Using a concrete design process as an example, designers provide the required foundations of theory, through to the idea and right up to product development. Then participants get cracking. They research and analyse, come up with new ideas, develop and design, implement together, present and engage in discussions! What is a mobile light? How do you create a new font? What shape is my toothbrush? How do you design a chair? Why not make something new out of something old, for instance, practical bags? What do insects have to do with design? And how do you develop a strong brand? And the following ensue almost of a matter of course: creativity and experiments, developing one's own solutions, integrated thinking, (co-)designing the environment, motivation and integration, success stories.

Our workshops


Innovative technologies or materials are generally used through new design products: Our MINT collaborations challenge talented young designers with promising topics such as e-mobility, bioplastics or robotics. Small groups work in workshops under the watchful eye of a designer where new ideas are visualised in drawings or models. This can lead to prototypes or small series production, publications or exhibitions, providing the entire school community with new impetus.

* Mathematics, information sciences, natural sciences, and technology

Heroes by nature. MINT Cooperation

Social Design Workshops

With their interdisciplinary approach, our workshops focusing on "social design" promote responsibility for the common good. Sustainable solutions are developed collectively for current and future social, cultural and ecological challenges. Dealing with design in a practical way enables people to design their own solutions for everyday life. Implementation in teams also supports sensitive social processes such as inclusion or integration of different cultures. The action game established following a workshop which won an award in the InclusionCreative competition organised by the charity "Aktion Mensch" 2016 (an initiative for disabled and socially disadvantaged persons) is just one example of this. Developed and designed by students for schools, youth groups and families, it encourages all contestants to champion the cause "it's normal to be different".

Design Angel's Bridge. Annual programme


We are working together with:




andreas schulze – industrial design
Artbastard | Anika Krause
atelier 522 | Willi Beck
atelier ole marten
aufundup – Grafikbüro | David Schultze
aust & amelung



Florian Bärschneider
Florian Boberg
Alessandro Brandolisio
Romy Büchner
Bureau Hardy Seiler | Hardy Seiler


DESERVE | Mario Lorenz
Design Developments | Georg F. Simonis
Design for Change Germany | Annett Loeser
designbox | Axel Hartmann
designgrad | Christian Scholz
Die Kindertseitung | Daria Holme
dreikant | Caspar Schmitz
Dreimorgen | Manutchehr Ghassemlou
Jan Robert Dünnweiler


Edelstall | Hannes Buchholz
Grafikbüro Eilks | Frauke Eilks
elsakuno kommunikationsdesign

Hanna Ernsting

evado design for business


FISCHHALLE – Büro für Gestaltung | Anke Fuchs


Hasegold GmbH | Julia Amelung
HeikuDesign | Georg Heitzmann
Heimatdesign | Reinhild Kuhn
HERR LEFRANCOIS | Markus Lefrançois
Sophia Hirth
Hollanddesign | Jeroen Christiaan Verloop


id aid GmbH | Sven von Bötticher & Matthias Zuleger
INNOPILOT | Nicolas Uphaus
IXDS | Katina Sostmann & Patricia Hegglin


JAKOTA Design Group GmbH | Carolin Böhm & Julia Rudolph
Johannes Fuchs Product Design
Carmen José



KAPUZE Grafikdesign
Katrin Adler Büro für Gestaltung
keilbach Designprodukte | Anna & Peter Keilbach
Olaf Kießling
Judith Krämer
KRDK | Kai Rosenstein
Prof. Guido Kühn


Christiane Landgraf KommunikationsDesign | Uwe Lux


magma design studio | Flo Gärtner
.mattomedia® | Serhan Sidan
Silke Meister
merkwürdig | Kai Staudacher
Dani Muno